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International Perspectives

Cross-cultural dimensions of civic engagement discourse in higher education: When place counts Abstract
Beatriz Cardona
International Service Learning--separate or joint field Abstract
MF Price
Working towards global citizenship: crossing linguistic and cultural boundaries with service-learning, FICCS and reflective education at Siena Italian Studies Abstract
Lavinia Bracci, Fiora Biagi, Marianna Bolognesi
The Effect of an International Service-Learning Experience on Teachers Abstract
Marie Celeste
Adult ESL Students’ Perceptions of the Effects of Service-Learning Abstract
Sharon L. Bippus
The influence of adult role models (or lack thereof) and Ontario’s community involvement requirement Abstract
Kaylan C Schwarz
Student Volunteering in the UK a developing landscape Abstract
Gillian Squirrell
Using American Service-Learning Model to Improve the Quality of International Service-Learning Projects Abstract
Jane L Newman, Tripp Marshall
Helen Sanematsu
Comparative Analysis of Jamaican and U.S. Art Teachers’ Multicultural Service-Learning Projects through Online Cross-Cultural Exchange Abstract
Karen Hutzel, Nadine Scott
Learning to Serve in a Developing Country Setting: The Domasi Literacy in the Mother Tongue Initiative in Malawi Abstract
Elizabeth Anne Barber
Measuring Civic Engagement within Irish Higher Education: A Movement towards Self Assessment, Identity and Reflection Abstract
Lorraine Antoinette McIlrath, Ann Marie Lyons
Childhood in Africa: service-learning for development Abstract
Carol Jean Mitchell

Student Retention, Access and Success

The Outcome of a Short-Term Service-Learning Clinical Experience on the Development of Professional Behaviors of Student Physical Therapists Abstract
Jeannette Renee Anderson, Julie Gahimer, Leslie F Taylor
Designing Multidisciplinary Course-based Action Research Abstract
Nila Ginger Hofman
University Students’ Reactions to a Public Service Graduation: Correlates and Civic Development Abstract
Barbara E. Moely, Vincent Ilustre
Cognitive learning outcomes of service-learning courses and program characteristics that matter----A pilot study Abstract
Hui Xuan XU
Service-learning to increase students understanding of complex communication needs Abstract
Lisa Ann Proctor, (Angela) Danielle Reed
Service Learning for Educational Access and Equity in an Historical Black University Abstract
Elizabeth Anne Barber, Thomas Jean Smith, Vivian H. Hampton, Ioney James, Pamela I. Hunter
A mixed-methods study of first-generation college students' service-learning experiences Abstract
Lynn Ellen Pelco, Kelly Lockeman

Instructional and Mobile Technologies, Social Media

Campus Internationalization – Use of Social Media and Videoconferencing in the Classroom Abstract
Steve Willis, Kathryn Ullrich, Rosa Maria Mejia

Community Development, Sustainability, and Assessment of Partnerships

Michael Losavio, Henry R. Cunningham, Nisha Gupta
Service-Learning as a transformative integrator within and a bridge between the academe and the community: The Trinity University of Asia experience Abstract
Elias Mulenga Sampa
Students, Volunteering and the Community: Setting a new research agenda in England Abstract
David Owen
A Civically Engaged Simulated Patient Objective Structured Clinical Examination Process between Dental Students and People Living with Cancer Abstract
Stuart M. Schrader, David Allan Zahl, Abbe Shapiro, Emily Deering
Training Leaders in Southwest Ohio through Global Theory and Local Practice Abstract
Sarah Elizabeth Woiteshek
Civic Engagement in the Jewish Community: Jewish Values in Action Abstract
Netta Rose Avineri

Theoretical or Conceptual Frameworks

Teaching Civic Engagement: (re)Conceptualizing Civic Engagement and the Role of Reflection Abstract
darlene xiomara rodriguez, Emily Janke, Cathy Hamilton
The Psycho-Ecological Systems Model for Engaged Scholarship and Community-Oriented Service-Learning Research Abstract
Roger Nathan Reeb, Susan Francis Folger
Assessing a Department’s Service Learning Program Using Theory of Change as a Framework Abstract
Yao-Yi Fu, Amanda Cecil
Collaborative Research and the Hermenutical Hotspot: Changing Disciplinary Thinking through Engaged Scholarship Abstract
Bonnie J. Clark
Mid-Session Reflection in International Service-Learning: An Evaluative Model Abstract
Tamara Baldwin, Kari A Marken, Zahida Jaffer
SOFAR so good: capacitating communities and universities for the co-production of knowledge Abstract
John Desmond Boughey

Disciplinary, Interdisciplinary, Boundary-Crossing Research

A Comparative Examination of Pre-Service Teacher Outcomes Associated with Service-Learning in Domestic and International Settings Abstract
Kari Knutson Miller
Service-Learning in International Contexts: Pre-Service Teacher Outcomes and Recommendations Abstract
Kari Knutson Miller
Breaking New Ground in a New Discipline: Building a Service-Learning Curriculum for Informatics Abstract
Barbara Hayes, Edgar Huang
Digital Classroom Project: Impact of a cross boundaries and intergenerational collaboration Service-Learning Program Abstract
Cheung-ming Chan, Hok-ka Ma, Yin-nei Chiu

Civic Outcomes for Students

College Students’ Boundary Maintenance and Boundary Crossing in a Community-Based Violence Prevention Project Abstract
Beth Catlett, Amira Proweller
The Impact of Direct Medically-Based Service Learning on the Values, Knowledge, and Skills Sets of First-Year Athletic Training Students Abstract
Joanne Klossner
The Impact of Community Service Learning Involving Youth vs. Adults Abstract
Scott C Seider
Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis of College Student Service-learning Outcomes in Four Domains Abstract
Marshall Welch, Beth Hampson
Characterization of Disability and Diversity in High School Civic Education Curricula that Employ Service Learning Abstract
Stacy Kim Dymond, Jay Mann, Lane Neeper, Michelle Bonati
Multiple Layers of Learning: The Use of a Learning Community to Create Improved Outcomes within the University and for the Community Abstract
Tiffeny Reyleen Jimenez

General Papers

TEST SUBMISSION 5 Abstract Untitled
Kathy Steinberg
Kathy Steinberg
The ABCs of Reflection: A Retrospection and Research Agenda Abstract
Marshall Welch
What are the impacts of a service-learning experience on pre-service mathematics teachers? Abstract
Kyong-Hee Melody Lee, Anne Statham
Teachers Implementing Service-Learning: Navigating Political, Structural, and Personal Challenges Abstract
Steven Hart
Service-Learning in the Beacom School of Business: An Assessment of Coyoteopoly Abstract
Erin Marie Muckey

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